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Towards “Saudisation”


On Monday a step forward the policy of “saudisation” has been taken by the government. The Minister of labour and Social Development Ali Al-Ghafees has issued a decree to limit work in 12 new activities to Saudi men and women starting from next September 2018. The measure is issued in order to empower Saudi citizens and provide them with more job opportunities in the private sector. It is necessary to consider that the unemployed rate among young Saudis is quite elevated in Saudi Arabia (around 30%). Considering that Saudi population count 30 million people, whose 1/3 come from foreign countries and are not Saudi, the government are trying to enhance politics to let “Saudis come first”. The ministry’s spokesman said that sales activities limited to Saudi employees will include the following categories: watches, eyewear, medical equipment and devices, electrical and electronic appliances, auto parts, building materials, carpets, cars and motorcycles, home and office furniture, children’s clothing and men’s accessories, home kitchenware, and confectioneries. He added that it is necessary to abide by regulations for hiring women in activities and stores defined by the ministerial decree. “This condition does not conflict with other Saudization decrees” he said.

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