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Iran and Saudi Arabia: an endless rivalry


The regional rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia is consumed not only indirectly by supporting opposite sides on the battlefields throughout the most critical areas in the middles Est. Indeed, public declarations perfectly show the rivalry between these two key actors. After the Saudis condemnation for supporting Houthi rebels and terrorist groups, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Saudi Kingdom of betraying Muslim world due to the political alignment with the United States and Israel.  The Iranian leader made the remark at a conference held in Tehran on Tuesday, attended by parliamentary representatives from Islamic countries. Khamenei also accused Saudi Arabia of helping the United States and the “Zionists”. This political support has to be marked as a betrayal of the Islamic Ummah and the Muslim World, as he added bitterly. Furthermore, Khamenei affirmed that Iran is ready to help “and act brotherly even with those among the Muslim who were once openly hostile to Iran”. He cried for the unity among Islam Ummah, which must create a great power within the world. Conflicts and wars among Muslim countries must be stopped while political leaders throughout the Middle East “should not allow that a safe haven could be created for the Zionist regime”.

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