The SPD and the exploratory compromise


There is no coalition agreement yet for the new Grand Coalition government. But there are 28 pages of exploratory results agreed between the Union and the SPD. But what has the SPD achieved in the soundings – and which prestige projects are missing in the results paper? Pension. The current pension level of 48 percent should be established by 2025. But this is nothing other than what the Federal Government expects even without new legislation. According to the most recent pension insurance report, the level is expected to remain at the current 48 percent by 2024 and then gradually decline until 2030, when it will reach 45 percent. SPD can claim the planned basic pension. For low-paid workers, there should be a basic pension of ten percent above the basic level if they have 35 years of contributions or periods of child-raising. Job. In the case of the full-time return issue, a “temporary part-time right” is planned. It is to apply to companies with more than 45 employees, and there are other limitations: The employer can reject a temporary part-time. Refugees. Also the refugee policy needs discussion. The suspended family reunification of refugees with limited protection should therefore only be re-admitted to a very limited extent. Humanitarian immigration per annum should not exceed the range of 180,000 to 220,000 annually.

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