The attack on the Maetiga airport


his morning the 33rd Infantry Brigade, a militia led by Bashir Khalfallah, called Al-Bugra, attacked the airport of Maetiga with 50 armed vehicles seeking for prisoners from the jail housed within the Maetiga compound. The area and the prisoners are currently controlled by the Special Deterrence Forces and during the three hours clashes 15 people had been killed and at least 37 injured. The Rada forces pushed back the Bugra’s militia, with the support of at least 10 other PC-aligned brigades, including the Haithem Tajouri’s Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade. The Rada spokesman Ahmed Ben Salem said that it was impossible to count the arrested people, adding that three planes of the airport had been damaged. In an official statement the head of the Presidential Council Serraj complained the attack and declared the state of emergency around this area. In a decree the PC also announced the dissolution of the Bugra’s 33rd Infantry Brigade and the relocation of all its equipment to General Staff.

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