Gaza’s infrastructure on the verge of collapse


A new report published by the Giza organization reported that Gaza’s energy, water and sewage systems are on the verge of collapse. The 1.8 million inhabitants of the Strip are afflicted by frequent blackouts, undrinkable water and an obsolete cellular network. Israel says its blockade is essential to prevent terrorists from obtaining materials to fortify military positions, dig tunnels and build rockets to shoot at the Jewish state. The shortage of fuel has meant that the only power plant in Gaza can only operate for a few hours a day. The lack of electricity in Gaza stems from a dispute between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority on tax payments on fuels, accused Gisha; currently, the total wattage is still only about half that needed to meet the daily demand. Another problem is that of the water. According to the report, 90% of Gaza’s water is taken from an underground stratum, which is however running out much faster than expected and excessive use has damaged water quality. The United Nations has estimated that groundwater damage will become irreversible by 2020. In the report, Gisha specifies the role that the actors present in the Strip have in every crisis, including the PA of Ramallah, Hamas and Israel. Furthermore, the risk of future conflicts discourages foreign donors from starting new projects.


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