SPD proposes compromise in refugee policy

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One of the most difficult issues in the Grand Coalition talks is the family reunion of refugees. SPD politician Burkhard Lischka made a compromise proposal, but there is still no agreement. Time is short, and before the negotiators of the Union and the SPD are ready to form a government, there are even more big issues until the end of the discussions. Union and SPD have so far found no solution to this point. There is still no agreement, as the news agency DPA learned from the SPD negotiating team. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported that both sides had achieved a breakthrough here: the family reunification for refugees with limited protection status should be suspended. Asylum seekers who receive protection in Germany are allowed to bring their spouses and underage children. On the other hand, recognized underage refugees are allowed to bring their parents with them. While the Union wants to prohibit this group to reunite with family members, the SPD in the election campaign promised to make family reunification possible for refugees.


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