Military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel


he Swiss daily Basler Zeitung reported that Israel and Saudi Arabia are working together to fight Iran’s expansion into the Middle East. According to the report, despite the two countries having no open diplomatic ties, they are cooperating significantly in military and security matters. It would appear that the Saudis are planning to buy Israeli military equipment and defense systems. In this regard, Basler Zeitung said that Riyadh has asked Israel to examine the possibility of acquiring anti-tank defense systems and the Iron Dome anti-missile system, including through a third party. The Swiss report also states that last October officials from the secret services of the two countries met to strengthen cooperation and discussed holding an additional meeting with intelligence leaders. What worries governments would be: the Iranian nuclear program, the spread of Iranian influence in various regions and the supply of weapons to terrorist groups with which it maintains close relations to carry out missions, such as Hezbollah, the Houthi and Islamic

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