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France: Emmanuel Macron meets Erdogan at the Elysee


Despite criticism, Emmanuel Macron on Friday received Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Paris. The opposition relies in particular on the head of state to reaffirm France’s refusal of Turkey’s entry into the European Union.
Emmanuel Macron has never hidden his plans: he wants to “talk to everyone”. Received at the Elysee, it is for the Turkish president his first major visit to the European Union since the failed coup d’ètat of July 2016. The violent repression provoked by the leader following this attempt continues with human rights violations. Nevertheless, the Elysee considers it important to “maintain the dialogue” without “hiding the differences”.
Not surprisingly, the announcement of the arrival of Erdoğan in France has made noise throughout the political class. Much of the left was even surprised by such a visit. “France must speak with everyone but welcome with red carpet Erdogan is a political mistake.”said Rachid Temal, the national coordinator of the Socialist Party.
The question of Turkey’s entry into the European Union is also closely followed by the right. They expect Macron to affirm that “the red line that we set is that there is absolutely no question of Turkey’s entry into the European Union. We are waiting for the President of the Republic to say things clearly” declared Vice President of Republicans Damien Abad.
Emmanuel Macron seems still far from giving such a sign in this sense. Although he claims to want to “avoid ruptures” between the European Union and Turkey, calling it “essential partner”, the Head of State has always been hostile to the country’s entry into the Union.

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