Turkey, France: improving bilateral ties


During a joint press conference on Friday after a number of bilateral agreements were signed, the Turkish and French presidents stressed the importance of counterterrorism cooperation.
President Erdogan assured that Turkey will continue to cooperate in Syria against Daesh and its open-door policy for refugees, but European partners should support Ankara’s efforts through financial support for humanitarian efforts. Erdogan also criticized USA because of his support for YPG and PKK, considered terrorist organization.
On Turkey’s relations with the EU, Macron said that the ties between Ankara and Paris are based on “dialogue and a common approach” but there will be no new chapters on EU negotiations opened. He said it is crucial for Turkey to remain and be part of the European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe.
Erdoğan responded that Turkey has been waiting for 54 years and there is no country like Turkey in the EU, but The EU is not able to provide with any reason for this wait

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