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DP Objects the Election of a Temporary Attorney General


During the meeting of the Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights, Democratic MP Enkelejd Alibeaj clearly opposed the opening of procedures for the election of a Provisional General Attorney. The mandate of the Attorney General Adriatik Llalla has in fact expired, and the election of a temporary Attorney would have the function of fulfilling its role until the successor of Llalla is elected by the High Council of the Prosecution, which has not yet been constituted. This temporary office is supported by the Socialist MP Ulsi Manja, who chairs the Legal Affairs Committee, as well as by the American Embassy in Albania and the European Union, according to which it is necessary to ensure the continuation of the work of the Public Prosecutor. According to the Democratic deputy, however, the question of a possible institutional standstill is non-existent, and the election of a temporary general prosecutor by harnessing the head of this institution would cause an aggravation of the political climate.


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