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Amir Hatami announced that Iran is ready for Regional Defense Cooperation


On Tuesday, speaking at a naval base in the northern port city of Anzali, Brigadier General Amir Hatami announced that Iran is ready and open for mutual defense and military cooperation with the countries of the region to guarantee peace and security. “Such (military) cooperation would continue as long as the security of the region and its people is preserved”, the minister added. The ceremony was held to bring into service the country’s newest homegrown missile-launching corvette, dubbed Separ (shield), in the Caspian Sea. Brigadier General Hatami described Separ as the symbol of self-reliance and determination and said that the locally-manufactured vessel would convey the Iranian Navy’s message of peace in the sea. Separ is 47 meters in length and around 4 meters in height, it can sail at a maximum speed of 35 knots and it is equipped with various locally-made advance weapons, including surface-to-surface missile systems, naval guns, and fire control radars capable of detecting fighter jets and cruise missiles.

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