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Marzouki: “A parallel government in Carthage to block Youssef Chahed”


The former provisional president Moncef Marzouki, founder of the political party “Tounes Al Irada” affirmed that “a struggle for power opposes the presidency of the Republic and the presidency of the Government”. He argued that there is a parallel government in Carthage to block Youssef Chahed and prevent him from winning the 2019 presidential elections. Marzouki asserted that this struggle between the two heads of the executive creates the current crisis and it will complicate the situation, since there should be a harmony between the presidency and the government to carry out actions effective over the next two years of the mandate. Led by the President of the Republic, the National Security Council includes, among others, Youssef Chahed, head of government, Mohamed Ennaceur, president of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP), members of the government and top leaders of the two military and security institutions. The 77 Article of the Constitution stipulates that the Head of State is called upon to preside over the National Security Council and must define the general guidelines for national security, concerning the protection of the State and the national territory to deal with internal and external threats, in consultation with the head of the government.

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