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Tunisia ranks 12th in the Arab world


At the global level, Tunisia ranks 117th out of 160 countries in terms of economic freedom. The first ones are Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, followed by Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Palestine, Oman, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt , Morocco, Djibouti, Mauritania, Comoros, Sudan, Iraq, Algeria, Libya and Syria, which took last place. The work of the second regional congress of economic freedom in the Arab world (Tunis, 25 and 26 November) was closed by the formulation of several recommendations. This Congress was also an opportunity to present the 12th report on economic freedom in the Arab world in 2017. Tunisia ranked 12th out of 22 Arab countries, but it has lost only one position compared to last year. This report was developed by the Canadian Frizer Institute, based on objective criteria – to measure the degree of economic freedom in each country considering the commercial law, protection of property rights, monetary policy, freedom of trade and the organization of commercial activity. The report presented at the congress included a set of recommendations on economic freedom to improve the index in some Arab countries suffering an economic deficit.

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