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Iran stresses unity among Muslims to foil enemies’ plots


TEHRAN – On Monday, during a meeting with the Afghan Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaghegh, the Head of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Shahroudi emphasized on the unity between Shia and Sunni as a way to foil enemies’ plots. The Department of Public Relations of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council reported that in the meeting Ayatollah Mahoud Hashemi Shahroudi told Mohammad Mohaghegh that “I would like to praise the struggles and sacrifices of the Afghan brothers in the fight against the Takfiri terrorists”. Ayatollah Shahroudi stressed his concern against the US plots and the dangers of American attempts to divide the ranks of Muslim nations. In this regard he said: “One of the major dangers facing the Afghan nation is the danger of American influence, because the United States wants to implement its sinister and divisive plans in Islamic societies like Iraq and Afghanistan”. The chairman of the Expediency Council also highlighted the need to expand economic cooperation among Iranian and Afghan merchants, in this way Iran could help Afghanistan in its efforts to develop. Also in the meeting, referring to the successes obtained by Shia and Sunni unity in Afghanistan, the head of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, expressed his hope for the complete failure of the US conspiracy in this country thanks to the vigilance of the Afghan government and nation. Mohammad Mohaghegh also referred to the role of the Joint Commissions for the Development of Relations between Afghanistan and Iran, presenting to Ayatollah Shahroudi a report on the implementation of the agreements between the two nations on water and transport issues.

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