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 Iran ready for any US Congress scenario


TEHRAN – On Tuesday, Kamalvandi, the Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), who also serves as the Deputy Head of the AEOI for International, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, declared at the Iran-EU’s Second High Level Seminar on International Nuclear Cooperation: Progress and Prospect that “US congress moves are meticulously monitored by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the AEOI devises the necessary predictions according to its responsibilities”. Kamalvandi stressed the need for the international community to protect the JCPOA, saying that Iran will keep honoring the deal as long as the other parties comply with the obligations in the text and spirit of the nuclear accord. Mr. Kamalvandi highlighted that since the first seminar was held in early 2017 in Brussels, “great results” have been achieved and “good cooperation” has been brokered in four or five areas among nuclear safety, IAEA safeguards, security issues, stable isotopes, nuclear medicine. He also held that the new policies would push US into isolation and articulated that “while the International Atomic Energy Organization has verified and attested Iran’s abidance by the nuclear deal 9 times so far, Iran’s perseverance in complying with the deal is hinged upon other sides’ compliance”, as Mr. Kamalvandi said. “The meeting of today which featured participants from EU, China, and Russia had a good implication that cooperation within the framework of JCPOA is on and the other signatory of the deal should act more wisely”, as Mr. Kamalvandi specified.

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