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OSCE Presence in Albania plays in supporting the reform process


Representing the 2017 OSCE Chairmanship, Austrian Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Linhart visited Tirana on Wednesday, highlighting the pivotal role the OSCE Presence in Albania plays in supporting the country’s reform process. Borchardt spoke about Albania’s constructive role in fostering regional co-operation, inclùding the recent yoùth exchange initiatives co-organized by Albanian authorities and the OSCE Presence. The OSCE Presence has been active in Albania since 1997. The current mandate of the Presence is to assist Albania in developing effective democratic institùtions and to promote the role of law and hùman rights in line with the priorities of the country. It does this through a variety of legal and administrative reform initiatives; activities aimed at fighting corruption and trafficking; and programmes to develop the country’s media, support civil society, and train police and customs officials.

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