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EU recommends Ukraine accelerate implementation of reforms


The European Union says that the evaluation of Ukrainian reforms shows considerable progress but Ukraine needs to accelerate their implementation to reap full benefits, according to an EU report”. A report produced by the European External Action Service and the European Commission highlights that Ukraine has pursued the implementation of a number of reforms identified in its Association Agenda in 2017, with several significant successes. Progress in other areas has been less forthcoming, with accelerated implementation needed to bring about real change for the Ukrainian people”, the European Commission said in a statement. “Since last year’s report, we have seen a number of long-awaited achievements. Our Association Agreement entered into force, and Ukrainian citizens were granted visa-free travel for short stay visits to the Schengen area. We now expect the implementation of reforms to be accelerated so that Ukrainian citizens can fully reap the benefits of our partnership. Ukraine can count on the European Union’s continued support in order to make this possible”, the statement quoted High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini, as saying.

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