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Saudi Arabia calls on UN Security Council for action against Iran


Saudi Arabia called on the United Nations Security Council to take appropriate measures against Iran’s active support of terrorism saying that it is seeking to compromise the security of the Kingdom and the region. In a letter presented by the Saudi mission to the United Nations on Wednesday, ahead of the closed session on the Humanitarian situation in Yemen, the Kingdom detailed the terrorist actions of the Iranian allied Houthi militias. The Houthi militias resorted only to aggression and violence since the beginning of the Yemeni crisis, the letter said. The militias refusal to the return of legitimacy, it said, or abide by the Security Council resolutions, has led to humanitarian disasters adding to that their dismissal of all political solutions to the conflict. Saudi Arabia stressed on the fact that Iran’s continuous supply of weapons to the militias in Yemen through smuggling routes, and the presence of Hezbollah fighters on the ground to assemble and operate these weapons, is clear evidence of Iran’s aggression.

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