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Saudi Arabia sets up new commission to boost cybersecurity


King Salman has set up a new cyber authority to protect information technology networks, systems and data, and improve online security for companies and individuals. The National Cyber Security Commission will be linked to the office of the king and will boost the cybersecurity of the state and protect its vital interests, national security and sensitive infrastructure. Al-Aiban said the commission would be the competent authority for cybersecurity, and aimed to maintain the privacy of all vital data of the state, individuals and companies in the private and public sectors. He said it would protect networks, IT systems, operating systems, hardware and software components, services and data, taking into account the increasingly vital importance of cybersecurity in the life of individuals and the community. The new commission will provide a platform for young Saudis, both men and women, to take part in the national effort to strengthen cybersecurity, DNJ Technologies Chief Executive Othman Al-Robaish told Arab News.


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