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Syria opposition rejects Russian dialogue initiative


The Syrian opposition taking part in the last round of peace talks in Astana has rejected the request for a congress for Russia in the city of Sochi in the Black Sea. The Syrian Congress on National Dialogue proposed by Moscow during the talks of two days in the Kazakh capital should discuss reconciliation between all parties in war, political reform and discussing the new Syrian constitution proposal. “It is a Russian deception,” said Fateh Hassoun, who led the Syrian opposition military delegation to the 7th round of Astana to end the six-year Syria war. “We do not trust Russians because they are part of the war and are fighting for the regime on the ground,” he added. The Russian delegation said the conference will be held on the 18th of this month and can be held both on the Russian military base of Hmeimim in Latakia and in Sochi. But Syrian opposition accused Moscow of trying to deflect and control the peace process in Syria moving seats from Geneva and Astana to a trial controlled by Hmeimim-Sochi. Syrian opposition leader Mohamad Alloush said the proposed conference would be similar to a dialogue between the regime and himself.


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