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Draft budget 2018 to be adopted this week


The 2018 budget and the fiscal package that will accompany it will go to the cabinet for approval this week. During the coming year, the government forecasts total revenues in the state coffers to reach 464,292 million lek, increasing by 6.4 percent compared to this year. According to the preliminary draft of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, public expenditùres accoùnt for aboùt 499,389 million lek with a 5.7 percent increase. The voice that has the highest expenditùre growth is that of capital spending. For 2018, capital expenditures accoùnt for 77,665 million lek, most of which go for roads construction. This is just 5.2 percent of national production, ùp from 4.8 this year.Inthe first week of November, the Prime Minister, on behalf of the Council of Ministers, submits the annual draft budget to the parliament. The draft of the annual budget is expected to be approved by the Parliament by 20 December.

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