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Public Prosecutor’s Office reveals results of interrogations on ISIS terror Group


The press conference at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in central Tripoli by the head of the Interrogations Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Siddiq Soor,was held to reveal the results of preliminary interrogations with ISIS captives held in custody after their loss in the war in Sirte. Some of the main revelations indicated thAt the very first man to introduce the idea of ISIS in Libya was a man by the name of Hassan Bilaraj, who was jailed in Iraq in 2005 yet returned to Libya in 2012. Bilaraj and his early associates planned the creation of three ISIS emirates in Libya; four main institutions would make up the foundation of each emirate.The main institutions were arms, recruitment, immigration and border control and finally media. Brigades were formed to protect these institutions, the main ones being Border Protection Brigades, Recruitment Brigades and the Desert Brigades. Looking at the slideshow presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, it was clear to see that the terror group was extremely organized and well on their way to creating a full functioning state.

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