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Global customers eyeing purchases of cutting-edge Russian military gear and apparel


Purchase applications for Ratnik military gear are coming in from abroad, and contracts are pending, Director General of the Central Scientific – Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering Dmitry Semizorov said on Wednesday. “To date, there is interest in supplying the Ratnik gear abroad. The first supply requests have already rolled in, the corresponding documents have been drawn up, and the first contracts may be signed”, Semizorov noted. He added that there are plans to carry out a joint exercise for Russian and Egyptian landing troops, in which the Egyptians wished to participate in the Ratnik gear. If they like it, there will be supplied there as well”, Semizorov added. The Ratnik second-generation gear is a modular system that consists of 10 various subsystems and may be changed depending on the battle situation, climatic conditions and other parameters. The gear set is made up of more than 40 elements, including small arms, aiming systems, body armor and a GLONASS navigation set. The Ratnik second-generation gear has been supplied to the Ground Forces, Airborne-Landing Forces and marine units since 2016.


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