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Nine foreigners abducted from Ghani oilfield in 2015 killed by ISIS, Derna Shura Council confirms


The Security Brigade of Derna Shura Council unveiled Monday that the nine foreigners abducted by ISIS from Al-Ghani oil field in March 2015 had been executed. Derna Shura Council explained in a statement that its forces found in June 2015 five unidentified foreign bodies during a combing operation in the western part of the city following the defeat of ISIS.The Council linked the five bodies with the nine foreigners who had been reported missing after an ISIS attack on Al-Ghani oil field. Derna Shura Council deplored the brutal killing of the nine foreigners and confirmed it’s working to hand over the five bodies to their countries.The nine foreigners were abducted in an ISIS attack on Al-Ghani oil field on March 6, 2015. They were working for oilfield management company Value Added Oilfield Services (VAOS), an Austrian-owned company with offices in Tripoli and Malta.

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