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Ghani calls on Pakistan to engage in peace dialogue, eliminate terrorism


“We now have an opportunity for a dialogue with our neighbours on how we can work together earnestly to eliminate terrorism and contain extremism. Now, we call on all of our neighbours, near and far, to join us through the Kabul process in our comprehensive quest for peace and regional stability. I call upon Pakistan to engage with us on a comprehensive state-to-state dialogue on peace, security and regional cooperation leading to prosperity”, Ghani addressed a conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Ghani appealed to the international community to change their perspective regarding Afghanistan’s problem. “For too long, the conflict in Afghanistan has been viewed through the prism of civil war. But this war is not within our soil, it is over our soil”, he said. Ghani also laid emphasis on the Rohingya crisis, Afghanistan’s role in regional counter-terrorism and the renewal on UN institutions.

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