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Where’s the money coming from for North Korea’s nuclear programme?


Just days after the United Nations passed a resolution to impose yet more sanctions on North Korea, Pyongyang responded by saying the United States would suffer the greatest pain for its role in the ruling. North Korea start a repeated missile launches and nuclear explosions, this suggest is not yet out of fund. So where exactly is the money coming from? UN report published last year, North Korea has a lucrative trade in the sale of unreported items such as encrypted military communications equipment, air defence systems and satellite- guided missiles. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said North Korea earned 802 million dollar between 1996 and 2016 from the sale of weapons to countries such as Iran, Syria and Libya. The United States has long accused North Korea of printing counterfeit US banknotes. High quality fakes, distributed by North Korean diplomats as they travel aboard and through transactions with European countries, all with the help of Russian agents.

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