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Houthi spokesman calls on Yemen’s Saleh to implement 12 requests


Mohamed Ali Al Houthi, the head of the supreme Revolutionary Council of the Houthis, admitted, in response to the interview of the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, that there were discrepancies in the institutions under their control. Mohammed Abdul Salam, spokesman of the militias, recalled the twelve points earlier put forward by their leader. The major clause within these points is the activation of the emergency law to confront the so-called “fifth column” and the opening of recruitment in the army. Saleh had denied in his statements the existence of any differences with the Houthis. However, the debates between the deposed president and some of the leaders of Houthi militias have returned. According to Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, Houthi leaders responded to Saleh and stressed the existence of imbalances in the institutions of the “state of Sanaa”, but also called him to remedy to these predicaments through what they called a committee of scholars.

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