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Nasce quest’anno un’unione strategica per dare forza e risalto a Cosmofarma, manifestazione di rilievo ed importanza europea dedicato al mondo della farmacia.

 L’unione tra UTIFAR, Unione Tecnica Italiana Farmacisti, libera associazione atta a sviluppare la specializzazione tecnico-scientifica del farmacista, FOFI, Federazione degli Ordini dei Farmacisti Italiana, ente pubblico che coordina l’attività del farmacista, Federfarma , Federazione Nazionale che rappresenta le farmacie nazionali convenzionate col servizio sanitario, La Fondazione Francesco Cannavò che opera nell’ambito della formazione dei professionisti, UNIFAR, Unione Tecnica Italiana Farmacisti nata nel 1957 per promuovere la specializzazione tecnico-scientifica del Farmacista impegnata eticamente e culturalmente al fianco dei farmacisti italiani, fornirà un enorme valore aggiunto e consoliderà il valore acquisito negli anni di questa importante manifestazione.

Tutto questo è stato annunciato il 10 gennaio 2020 in occasione della conferenza stampa tenutasi presso l’ordine dei Farmacisti di Milano, da BOS, Bologna Fiere Cosmpoprof –Senafi.

Nasce quindi la volontà di inserire in maniera considerevole COSMOFARMA nel panorama delle fiere internazionali di settore.

Roberto Valente, consigliere delegato di BOS Srl ci dice che nel 2020 il Cosmofarma continuerà sul passo degli anni precedenti, ci sarà una crescita ancor maggiore data l’importanza del focus principale la Formazione professionale.  Nel 2019 è stato registrato un aumento del 7% dei visitatori ed oltre 400 espositori.

Gianfranco Ferilli, Amministratore Delegato di BOS è convinto che questa collaborazione darà un enorme slancio e visibilità alla manifestazione.

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Partnership with US Resilient, Trump will go to visit to Saudi Arabia

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Next week, Trump will go to visit to Saudi Arabia, and in occasion of this the Gulf States have held a conference in Washington, keynoted by Prince Faisal. Actually Prince Faisal is appointed as high-ranking adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he has openly said the future goals of Arabian political programs. For example he has talked about the economic diversification, in compliance with objectives of Vision 2030. In addition to this, he has talked about the empowerment of women from 22 to 33% in workplaces. Also, he has also illustrated the relevance of boosting tourism field, opening new paths to Saudi Arabia and enforcing relations with China, Japan and Asia. He has not called Vision 2030 “a program for economic reform”, framing it instead as “a true effort at national transformation to create a more vibrant society, thriving economy and an ambitious nation”.

The British navy's "Her Majesty’s Ship OCEAN" further support to the Lebanese army's Rangers Regiment

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Standing 34m high and weighing 22,000 tons, the British navy’s Her Majesty’s Ship OCEAN was an unexpected change to the skyline of Beirut port this weekend. HMS OCEAN Commanding Officer Captain Pedre, British Ambassador Hugo Shorter, and Defense attaché Chris Gunning met Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji and Minister of Defense YaaqoubSarraf. Rear Admiral Burton met with LAF Navy Commander Admiral MajedAlwan.Shorter announced further support to the Lebanese army’s Rangers Regiment of further equipment to help build their ‘off road’ and ‘all-weather’ capabilities. He added that the essence of the UK’s approach is this: “protecting the co-existence at the heart of the Lebanese model requires a strong state”. Addressing his guests, Shorter said: “We are proud of our partnership with your country, through its institutions. And as a demonstration of our strong belief in the importance of Lebanese sovereignty, we have so far invested $100m in the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces since 2011”. “And I am pleased to announce the delivery of further equipment worth $65,000 for Lebanese Rangers of further equipment to help build their ‘off road’ and ‘all-weather’ capabilities”, he added.

Deputy Crown Prince wants more military cooperation and joint defense

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Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman chaired on Tuesday the 15th Joint GCC Defense Council meeting, stressing that the GCC’s Ministers of Defense should work towards more military cooperation and joint defense, as “ongoing events in the region make it incumbent upon us to cooperate and coordinate our efforts to meet future challenges.” We look forward to discussing all topics on the agenda of the meeting and putting it into effect and to discussing the outcome of the Camp David meeting, which included strengthening the military and security strategic partnership with the United States for more stability in the Gulf region” Crown Prince said.

Cooperation between France and Tunisia to create a connecting railway to ports and phosphate transport

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The French Development Agency is preparing to establish a diversified partnership with the Gafsa region, in particular with the Phosphates Company to create rail lines connected to ports and dedicated to phosphate transport, especially to the governorate of Sfax, France’s ambassador in Tunis, Olivier Poivre d’Arvor told TAP on Tuesday during his visit to the region. France is willing to finance this project, he said. Efforts are being made to boost the partnership between Gafsa governorate and several French regions, including Lille and the Pays de la Loire, the diplomat said, pointing out that a cultural centre will be created in Gafsa as part of the promotion of the sector in the region. The visit of the French Ambassador in Gafsa is part of monitoring the project to rehabilitate the districts of Essourour and El Moula, financed by AFD and the Tunisian Agency for Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal (ARRU). During his meeting with the governor of Gafsa, Olivier Poivre d’Arvor spoke about the multidisciplinary hospital project that will be carried out in 3 or 4 years for EUR 60 million in the framework of the recycling of part of Tunisia’s debt to France. This project will have a large influence on neighbouring regions, he pointed out.

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