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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: “language of respect and dignity” is the only manner of treating the Iranian nation.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reminded “rookie politicians” in the Middle East and the US that the “language of respect and dignity” is the only manner of treating the Iranian nation.“We are experiencing conditions in which some novices have come to power in the region, in the world and in the US, as they should all know that they have to talk to the Iranian nation with the language of respect and dignity,” ha have said to people taht attend huge rallies in Tehran on Friday to mark the 38th anniversary of victory of the Islamic Revolution. The president also warned the enemies making threats against the Iranian government or armed forces that the Islamic Republic enjoys an “integrated and vigilant nation”.On Friday, millions of people in capital Tehran, more than 1,000 other cities and towns, and in 4,000 villages, poured into the streets with flags of Iran and some Demonstrators hung Trump in effigy, burned the US and Israeli flags, and paid tribute to the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini.

Trans-regional powers cannot ensure security in the Middle East

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The Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said at an International Conference on Security in Tehran that the Trans-regional powers are incapable of ensuring security in the Middle East and the Iranian interference in the region has been aimed at supporting Israel or fomenting crises. The social and political situation of the regional nations preclude any chance of success for foreign powers, he added, saying outsiders lack competence to ensure regional security because their interference in the region has been aimed at backing the Israeli regime.“These acts of interference have been a main factor in the spread of terrorism in the region; NATO’s presence in Afghanistan for countering terrorism has been ineffective, and the war on Iraq also created terrorism in the region,” he explained.

UNRWA workers’ strikes against agency’s administration could be suspended

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UNRWA declared it would suspend its strike against the agency’s administration for 10 days. Suheil al-Hindi, the head of the union, told that at Friday’s meeting with UNRWA’s general commissioner it was agreed to freeze the strike and form a committee to find solutions to the union’s demands. He said that the UNRWA administration had responded positively to the union’s demand to fill a number of job vacancies and had hired 200 new teachers, with 200 others to be hired in January. Al-Hindi reiterated that the union was also calling for an end to UNRWA service cuts across the Middle East, and an increase in salaries for local staff and added that the union would escalate its strikes and protests if an agreement was not reached in the coming 10 days.

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