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It Has Brought In Riyadh With Bensalah Trump Greets Bouteflika

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The President of National Council met Donald Trump during the summit to Ryhad. He brought President’s respectful. Trump remembered the bilateral cooperation between two Countries and auspicated a major cooperation. President of National Council agrees with Trump, and remembered the historical relationship between two Countries, with the recognition of independence of United States in 1783 and the sustain of USA to the independence of Algeria during the decolonization. He then talked about Libya, Mali, Syria and Sahara and said that military solutions are unsuccessful, the only way is the diplomatic way. President of National Council expressed his sustain to the relations between United States and Muslims Countries and added that he want a new Middle East based on union. He then talked about the situation affirming that there won’t be peace without an official recognition of the Palestinian State with capital Jerusalem.

Algeria – USA: Time For Consultations

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This week, Algerian Foreign Minister, met Rex Tillerson to the White House. This is the first summit of this kind since the Reagan Presidency. The US Secretary of State listened Foreign Minister about the fight to terrorism, economic cooperation, the security. Americans want to get over current situation, increasing the commercial exchanges. United States appreciated the role of Algeria in the fight to terrorism, as said the Algerian Ambassador to Washington. Algerian Minister remembered the situation in Libya, and Rex Tillerson said that Algeria will play a key role in the crisis. Ramtane Lamamra said that Americans don’t want to create instability in Algeria, because they know what is happened in Syria, they support a keeping of status quo.


Third Force retakes Brak Airbase in southern Libya

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New acts of violences between the rebel of Third force, and General Haftar forces, Dignity Operation. The Third Force of the Libyan Army took control on Thursday of Brak Al-Shati Airbase, south Libya, hours after a massive offensive on forces of Dignity Operation inside the airbase. Conflict took place 60km at the North of Sabbha. Members of Dignity Operation was constrained to flee in the desert around the city, others have been arrested by Third Force group. Reports said there were more than 60 deaths among Dignity Operation forces including Mohammed Ben-Nayal’s senior aide Ahmed Ben-Nayal. Dignity Operation weapons and military vehicles were also seized in the attack.



Germany, Italy to set up mission on Libyan borders to stem migrants flow

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Italy and Germany are reportedly seeking an EU mission to stabilise Libya’s 5,000km southern border with neighbouring countries and curb migration, EUobserver reported. German interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, and his Italian counterpart, Marco Minniti, want the mission set up between Libya and Niger. Both minister, in a letter to European Commission, asked EU to act as soon as possible. Also France told the necessity to increase living conditions in the area. According to local authorities, maintain south Libya border is a solution to resolve the global migrant crisis in the country. The exodus from the coast has increased by over 44 percent – when compared to the same period last year – with some 45,000 people having disembarked between January and mid-May so far, EUobserver wrote.

President of Presidency Council meets members of HSC.

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President of Presidency Council of GNA ‘Fayez Al-Sarraj, met members of High State Council (HSC) ,Sunday in Tripoli, in line with meetings held with various segments of the Libyan people and state sector. During the meeting, it has been underlined that current political divisions in political Libyan life has direct consequences over the population. No solution could be find without unity between different forces leading Libya. Al Sarraj welcomed HSC formation of dialogue committee to consider problems of political accord, and prospect of introducing necessary amendments with the House of Representatives’ committee according the mechanisms provided for in the political accord.


Khalifa Haftar aide: Italy’s Paolo Serra is the grandson of General Graziani

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The personal envoy of Khalifa Haftar and Libyan ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Basit Al-Badri, has criticized the Italian role in Libya, saying the Italians had attempted to impose a government on Libyans. Al-Badri has criticised Italian implication in Libyan political peace process. “Italy also appointed Paolo Serra as head of UNSMIL Security Arrangements Committee, which prompted many Libyans to consider him as the grandson of General Graziani who killed Omar Mukhtar and set up detention camps all over Libya”, He remarked. Critics was also against former Obama administration, which has, according to them, install Muslim Brotherhood.

Tension in Tripoli against Sarraj-Haftar agreement

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Tension is high in Tripoli with the Libyan presidential council of Premier Fayez Al Sarraj warning against a ”new spiral of violence” and a militia boasting that it has closed the foreign ministry. The fresh tension was sparked by the ‘summit’ earlier this month in Abu Dhabi between Sarraj and the strongman of Cyrenaica, general Khalifa Haftar, as shown by statements and comments. What has emerged, after seeing the statements and official remarks after the meeting on May 2, is that Arab media presented as an agreement what were apparently Haftar’s negotiating positions: the creation of a three-member presidential council with Haftar, Sarraj and the president of Parliament, Aghila Saleh; the unification of the army under the general’s command; a ban on some Islamist militias; presidential elections to be held in a few months during which Haftar himself could present his candidature. But a lot of protestations are growing up against the agreement. The main risk could be the re-emergence of violences from militias, especially in Tripoli which have the same objective rejects Haftar as Army supreme commander.

Serraj “to meet Hafter” in Cairo on Thursday

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Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj will meet with Marshal Field Khalifa Hafter in Cairo  for the second stage of their discussions, usually reliable sources in Tripoli have told the Libya Herald. This new meeting will continues discussions started at Abu Dhabi last week. Both Libya’s leaders met El-Sisi at Abu Dhabi. Since last week, some initiatives was taken to re-start libyan peace process. Serraij met 50 deputies from the HoR (House of Representatives) on Wednesday. According to reports, he said that they focussed on uniting military structures in Libya under the control of a political leadership, the situation in the south of the country, and drawing the Petroleum Facilities Guards into a single structure.

NOC : Libya loses millions per month because of Presidency Council

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The NOC (National Oil Corporation) underlined economical consequences of Libyan division on a statement on Wednesday. Libya is losing $250 million per month due to a commercial dispute between the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and one of its foreign partner. The NOC clarified that the dispute with Germany’s Wintershall was resulted by Presidency Council (PC) resolution 270, which stripped the NOC of its powers. “We would be producing almost 1 million bpd if it were not for Wintershall’s refusal to implement terms it agreed to in 2010. Resolution 270 was written to allow Wintershall to evade its obligations”. NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanallah said. The PC resolution gives the power to Tripoli in term of oil production supervision over the country, as well as purposed and develop legislations around oil production. However, in despite of this resolution, Libyan oil production reached 800,000 bpd last month, higher production since 2014.

Caid Essebsi “warmly” congratulates Macron

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President Essebsi warmly congratulated  new President of France Emmanuel Macron. Essebsi said that his congratulation came from all Tunisian people, and that this is an encouragement to the “noble mission”. He added that election of Macron is a symbol of traditional French values: freedom, equality and fraternity. He reminded traditional relationship between the two countries, renewing the strength bilateral cooperation in all fields. President Essebsi said that with new President, France will improve its help to stabilize the Country. He then auspicated a major dialogue between Tunisia and France to fight terrorism, to stabilize Libya and Syria, to bring the Country in the hearth of interests of European Union, with the aim of build  peace in the region. He added that France will help Tunisia to develop green economy,  digital transition and blue economy.

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