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The United Nations Human Rights Council: resolution for boycott of Israeli settlements

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The United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday is set to debate a resolution demanding that the international community boycott Israeli settlements. We have the fifth resolution condemning Israel for human rights violations in the Golan Heights is also expected to be approved. By resolution adopted by CDU, five of these are against Israel. The resolutions call on Israel to end settlement activity and demand that Israel fully withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. The problematic activity includes “financial transactions, investments, purchases, procurements, loans, the provision of services, as well as other economic and financial activities in or benefiting Israeli settlements”, the resolution states. Israel isn’t a member of UNHRC but is engaged with the council. It is expected to boycott Monday’s day long debate.

A conflict has erupted between Israel and Russia after the Israeli strike on a Hezbollah arms shipment in Syria

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A conflict has erupted between Israel and Russia following the Israeli strike on a Hezbollah-bound arms shipment in Syria over the weekend. After the launch of air missile took place this Friday, Israel has officially recognized the attack. This situation has worried Russia. We don’t know exactly why Russia is worried but it is clear that is in Israel’s best interests to keep Russia out of the battle it is waging against advanced weapons smuggling to Hezbollah. Also Assad, the President of the Gaza Strip,Assad feels that his regime is no longer under immediate threat, and he is trying to communicate to Israel that he intends to raise the stakes should Israel continue launching attacks in his territory. Actually Assad hasn’t got interst to start a war against Israel but like Israel and Russia, he has taken things to the next level.

Israel declared the Palestine liberation organization's financial body

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lsrael on Thursday declared the Palestinian National Fund, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s financial body, a terrorist group over its prolonged support of numerous terrorists’ families. This statement derives from the fact that according to Israel there are valid elements to show that the are responsible for serious terroristic acts against Israel. According to Abbas this is an Israel attempt to obstruct and sabotage U.S. efforts” to relaunch peace talks. He said it is a “fundamental violation” of the 1993 Oslo Accords and called on “all countries of the world to reject this declaration to preserve the agreement”. Earlier Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Greenblatt for a second time this week to try to reach an agreement on the Judea and Samaria settlement enterprise, one of the most contentious issues in decades-old peace efforts. Netanyahu also said that Israel and the USA made progress on the issue of Israeli settlement construction.

After Israeli attack in Syria, Russia Summons Israel's envoy for clarifications

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Israel’s ambassador to Russia has been called in by the Russian Foreign Ministry for clarifications Friday after Israel’s air force attacked in Syria overnight, a statement by Moscow said. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed the statement. What role has been Russia? it is true that the russian force entered in Syria and a number of attacks attributed to Israel have taken place, but in none of the cases was the Israeli envoy to Moscow asked to give clarifications. Just last Thursday Netanyahu visited Moscow and met with Putin to discuss the situation in Syria and both sides wanted the end of the civil war in Syria.

Israel intercepted a Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired into Israeli airspace

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Israel intercepted a Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired into Israeli airspace early Friday using an Arrow missile defense battery. The interception occurred after Israel Air Force fighter jets struck terrorist targets in Syria overnight. The Arrow was developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries together with American aerospace giant Boeing and the U.S. Iran, Israel’s archenemy, has been Syrian President Bashar Assad’s staunchest backer and has provided militia fighters to help him. Israel is concerned Hezbollah, with which it fought a war in 2006, is trying to obtain sophisticated weapons it could use against Israel.L’esercitosiriano ha confermato lo sciopero, dicendoquattroaerei da combattimentoisraelianihannocolpitoobiettivineipressi del confine, nelnord-estdellaSiria.

Some 1.8 million residents have been imprisoned for a decade in the Gaza Strip, they can't leave the area

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Some 1.8 million residents have been imprisoned for a decade in the Gaza Strip, one of the most crowded regions in the world. They can’t leave the area where they live and they can’t export their products. The Gaza Strip is under Hamas but in practice Israel, which has imposed a blockade on Gaza. Hamas may continue to dig tunnels whose target is to attack Israeli communities, but this is clear evidence that the blockade in itself cannot prevent the motivation of Palestinians to commit terrorist attacks. The Israel Defense Forces says that a worsening living conditions and an increase in the number of work permits in Israel will lead to an improvement. For example they will build a seaport that increasing the number of work permits and removing the blockade. But this are not an alternative to the diplomatic process, and they must not be seen as a gesture of good will. It is the obligation of the occupier to the occupied.

Nasrallah Advises Israel to 'Count to Million' before Thinking of New War on Lebanon

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Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Monday advised Israel anew against waging any war on Lebanon, warning that his group will not abide by any “red lines” in any future confrontation, media reports said. “Israel must ‘count to one million’ before waging any war on Lebanon and we’re prepared for any threat”, the reports quoted Nasrallah as telling Iran’s state television. “We are not advocates of war. We are in the defense position” Hizbullah’s chief reportedly noted. “In the face of Israel’s threats to destroy Lebanon’s infrastructure, we will not abide by red lines, especially regarding Haifa’s ammonia and the nuclear reactor in Dimona. Hizbullah possesses the full courage for this”, added Nasrallah. A 2006 war between Israel and Hizbullah killed about 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civilians, and around 160 Israelis mostly soldiers before ending in a United Nations-brokered cease-fire. The Israel-Lebanon border has remained mostly quiet since the 2006 war but there have been sporadic outbursts of violence.

Israel has been warned by Syria against future raids

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Syria warned Israel against future raids after the Israeli army responded to errant mortar fire that struck the northern Golan Heights. A mortar shell fired from Syria landed in Israeli territory on Wednesday morning, causing neither injury nor damage. The projectile, as with most others emanating from the war-torn country, appeared to be accidental spillover rather than an intentional attack on Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement. Nevertheless, the Israeli army fired back into Syria, hitting “artillery positions belonging to the Syrian regime in the northern Syrian Golan Heights,” the military said.

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