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Serbian PM Vucic will meet the pro-Serb opposition’s leaders in Montenegro

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Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will meet leaders of the pro-Serb opposition in Montenegro even though some of them have been accused of involvement in a coup attempt. The leaders of the pro-Serbian opposition and Serb organisations demanded an urgent meeting with Vucic in Belgrade two weeks ago about what they said was the “intolerable situation” facing the Serb community in Montenegro, but Vucic told journalists that he had not meet them yet because he was too busy.

Serb List ready to talk with parties with the aim of returning to institutions

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The Serb List has expressed its readiness to talk with parties of the governing coalition in Kosovo with the aim of returning to the institutions. Leader of the Serb List, Slavko Simic declared that he’s expecting an invitation by Prime Minister Isa Mustafa to discuss the modalities of the return of Serb MPs in the Parliament of Kosovo. For the Serb List, the most important priority is the establishment of the Association of Serb Communes, as a product of the agreement reached in Brussels in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.

Serbia “understood the message” sent by Croatia

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Aleksandar Vucic says he has “understood the message” sent by Croatia, when it appointed former Hague defendant Ante Gotovina as a government adviser.“It is quite certain that Serbs, primarily those driven out of Krajina and Croatia, cannot be happy. I do not want to undermine our relations with Croatia, but we have understood the message sent by Gotovina’s appointment,” Vucic said on Friday in Novi Sad, while touring a factory.

The publication of the Progress Report on FYROM rises criticisms

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The European Commission Progress Report on FYROM continues to trigger debates in Skopje. According to experts, this report was expected and it could have been more negative. With this report, Brussels gave a conditional recommendation to Skopje for the launch of accession talks, but this condition relates to the 11 December elections, which are required to be fair and democratic and for the work of the Special Prosecution to be respected.

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