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Scambi di vedute alla Farnesina tra l’Italia ed il continente Latino- Americano

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Le imprese italiane guardano con estremo interesse alle opportunità di sviluppo offerte dalla Colombia, sia per il livello di crescita economica sia per l’elevato grado di apertura al mercato”

Questo è un estratto delle dichiarazioni date dal Ministro degli Esteri Angelino Alfano, dichiarazioni che si riconducono all’incontro avvenuto alla Farnesina il 13 Dicembre, nella “Conferenza Italia-America Latina e Caraibi”. Uno scambio di vedute e di apertura da parte delle diverse Nazioni coinvolte, che ha visto ospiti in questo incontro nomi di grande calibro quali: il ministro degli Esteri del Costa Rica Manuel Gonzàlez Sanz; il Ministro degli Esteri della Colombia Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar ed hanno altresì partecipato i ministri degli Esteri del: Sant Lucia; El Salvador e Bolivia.

Il nostro Ministro degli Esteri ha rilasciato ulteriori dichiarazioni riguardanti il rapporto con lo Stato del Costa Rica, facendo emergere altresì l’importanza di tali relazioni e scambi. Punto focale è l’importanza del sostegno reciproco in svariati settori che vanno dall’agricolo ai trasporti, per i quali sono stati stipulati dei veri e propri accordi (ricordiamo la Visita Ufficiale in Italia del Presidente costaricano Solis nel 2016).

Nel corso dell’incontro, oltre agli argomenti ricaduti sullo scambio bilaterale, ci si è soffermati anche su altri grandi tematiche internazionali di grande attualità, sentite da tutte le nazioni coinvolte all’incontro; parole importanti sono state dunque spese per la problematica della criminalità organizzata sui diversi sistemi di controllo ed infine sui flussi migratori, fenomeno che deve essere gestito e contenuto sempre nel rispetto dei diritti umani.

Lenìn Moreno approaches the first-round victory in Ecuador

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Lenín Moreno, former Vice President of Ecuador and presidential candidate for the Socialist party Alianza País, would be close to a victory in the first round, the data provided by the National Electoral Council speak of a Moreno ahead by 11 percentage points, the conservative candidate Guillermo Lasso which stops at 28% of the votes against 39% of Moreno, they were scrutinized around the 87% of the votes are ballot. Contrary to Lasso’s claims the National Electoral Council has ensured that until now have been no irregularities neither in the voting process neither in the ballot of the votes. The Moreno’s victory seems almost certain but some analysts point out that if it does not reach 40% in the first round should go to the runoff voting with Lasso and then it would be possible that a large coalition led by the same might not be able to get the necessary votes to win the presidency, but almost certainly could not do get a large majority in Parliament in favor of Moreno.



Donald Trump is the new Ronald Regan

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During a speech at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir affirmed Trump is another Ronald Reagan, as he reasserted America’s place in the world and made comprehensive arms control agreements with Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. He expressed all his optimism in Trump and in the new America’s administration that will solve many Middle East issues, such as destroying Daesh and containing Iran. Concerning Iran al-Jubeir said he had determined to upend the order in Middle East and until or unless Iran changes its behaviour it would be very difficult to deal with it.Moreover, the six Arab members of the Gulf Cooperation Council accused Iran of using sectarianism to interfere in Arab countries.

David Petraeus won't be the director of the Trump's National Security

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David Petraeus will not be the director of the National Security of the President Trump, the two were supposed to meet in Florida in the private residence of Trump but the meeting there will not be, according to reports the rejection of Petraeus would be due to the desire to have the final say on the NSC decisions, something that the President is not willing to do, it seems that is for the same reason that Robert Harward has refused the nominee. Candidates to replace the resigned Michael Flynn now are: Keith Kellogg, head of the NSC staff, Keith Alexander, former Director of the NSA, John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, Raymond Odierno, former Chief of Staff of Army and HR McMaster, High Official of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Some of them could encounter Trump during the weekend in the Southern White House.

Guterres: the US decision to block a former Palestinian PM was a serious mistake

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says that the US decision to block a former Palestinian prime minister from leading the UN political mission in Libya was “a serious mistake”. Washington blocked the proposed appointment of Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister from 2007 to 2013, a week ago. It said it was acting to support its ally, Israel. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Guterres said: “I believe that it’s essential for everybody to understand that people serving the UN are serving in their personal capacities. They don’t represent a country or a government”. Guterres said that Fayyad “was the right person in the right place at the right time” Palestinians condemned the decision. US ambassador Nikki Haley announced she was blocking the appointment because “for too long, the UN has been unfairly biased in favour of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel”. Palestine Liberation Organisation executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi dismissed the “flimsy excuse” for a move she described as “unconscionable”. “Blocking the appointment of Dr Salam Fayyad is a case of blatant discrimination on the basis of national identity”, she said. Fayyad had been tapped to replace Martin Kobler of Germany, who has been the Libya envoy since November 2015.

Hezbollah: meeting Trump-Netanyahu and the death of the negotiations

Lebanese Hezbollah said on Thursday the outcome of U.S. President Donald Trump’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had effectively signaled an end to peaceful negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. “After what came out after the meeting between Netanyahu and Trump, I am not exaggerating if I say that yesterday there was a semi-official announcement of the death of the path of negotiations”, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a live televised speech. Trump on Wednesday dropped a U.S. commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Washington’s longstanding policy on the Middle East. “For the Israelis, there is no such thing as a Palestinian state” Nasrallah said, adding that the two-state solution was the only thing keeping the door to negotiations open.

Puzder, victim of a harsh media campaign, has renounced to the appointment as Secretary of Labor

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Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants Inc., has renounced to the appointment as Secretary of Labor, the CEO had been chosen as Secretary of Labor by Trump in December but the confirmation of his appointment had appeared already complicated to same ad, Puzder was the victim of a harsh media campaign, directed at highlighting the flaws of his company and his personal behavior, in fact, has been branded as a sexist, had hired illegal immigrants for years and finally has been accused of mistreatment by his ex-wife, also his appointment was not at all pleasing to the unions having regard to its extremely strong position about robotics in the production.

U.S. lawmakers push for answers of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government

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The resignation of National Security Advisor have brought to light the issue of unclear relationships between the new administration Trump and the Russian government, many Republican lawmakers claim that is made clarity on the subject, not only through the establishment of a bipartisan commission of inquiry but also through in-depth investigation by the Intelligence Agencies. The White House, with the help of the Department of Justice and loyalists of Capitol Hill, trying to ward off this possibility,the supporters of Trump are willing to initiate a parliamentary investigation as long as have lead it will be the existing Parliamentary Commitees led by the GOP. In this sense, the President has renewed yesterday, during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister, his esteem for the former Advisor Michael Flynn that,according to Trump,would be victim of “mistreatment by the media

Ford stays in Mexico, this year two new production lines in Chihuahua and in Irapuato

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Gabriel M. Lopez, President and General Director of the Mexican division of Ford, has ensured that the company does not intend to abandon the Mexican market and even stop producing in the country, the testimony is the investment of $ 2.5 billion to open two new production lines in Chihuahua and in Irapuato. López said that the closure of the plant in San Luis Potosi was due to market needs and not to the company’s desire to leave the country, in fact, the Ford in Mexico has 9,000 employees, FOUR production lines and 125 dealers that guarantee a revenue of $ 1.2 billion for year.

NATO Secretary Stoltenberg reiterated support for Ukraine

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated support for Ukraine, an UNIAN correspondent in Brussels reported from a press conference at the start of the meetings of NATO Defense Ministers Wednesday. He recalled that Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman had visited NATO last week where the two officials had a meeting. Stoltenberg added that he had regular meetings with President Poroshenko and other representatives of the Ukrainian leadership. “So we will continue to work, we will continue to provide support, and also many NATO Allies provide support on a bilateral level, so we will continue to support Ukraine” Jens Stoltenberg said.

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