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Kurdish Peshmergas attacked Islamic State’s headquarters

Media Official of Peshmerga forces in Sinjar District announced that the Kurdish forces attacked strongholds and headquarters of the Islamic State in the area.“Kurdish Peshmerga forces attacked three headquarters of the Islamic State in Rambousi Village and Telskuf area.” have said Khalil Shafan. “Last night, Peshmerga forces located members of the Islamic State in the areas of al-Baaj and al-Balij, where the militants were trying to flee toward Syria,” he further added and that the Kurdish security forces are waiting for President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani’s orders to liberate the remaining areas of Sinjar from ISIS control.

Iraqi forces ready to liberate western Mosul from Islamic State militants


Iraqi forces, having gained control of the eastern half of Mosul in January, are now ready to launch the next phase of the offensive to liberate western Mosul from Islamic State militants.

The commander Abdulghani Asadi said during a press conference on Sunday that logistic and military preparations have been finished in order to start the liberation.

“We are waiting for zero hour by commander in chief of Iraqi Armed Forces,” the counter-terrorism service’s commander added. “The control of western Mosul will be in a way which cannot be expected”.

Rouhani assured Moldova that it can rely on Iran to meet its energy demands

Highlighting Iran’s capabilities in the oil industry, President Hassan Rouhani assured Moldova that it can rely on Iran to meet its energy demands.
“With its high capabilities in producing oil, gas and gas condensates, the Islamic Republic of Iran can satisfy a major part of Moldova’s needs in this sphere,” Rohuani have said during a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Igor Dodon in Tehran on Sunday.

Stressing the need for expansion of banking ties between Tehran and Chisinau as a stimulus to bilateral trade, Rohuani said the two countries need to make efforts to inform investors and economic activists about the potential and capacities available in the two countries.

For his part, Dodon called for efforts to tap into Iran and Moldova’s capacities in order to promote economic and trade ties.

South Kashmir: security forces fire into the crowds to break up the fast-spreading protests

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Restive south Kashmir was seething again after seven people, including four militants and two soldiers, were killed in an encounter in Kulgam, 70 km from Srinagar, on Saturday. Clashes broke out after the news of the killing of the four local militants spread. Eyewitnesses told The Hindu that the security forces “fired into the crowds to break up the fast-spreading protests.” One of the injured civilians, identified as Mushtaq Ibrahim, a resident of Srigufwara, succumbed to injuries at a Srinagar hospital later. According to figures released by two hospitals in south Kashmir, 15 civilians were treated, including 12 with bullet injuries.

Egypt signed an agreement with Russia to establish a nuclear power plant in Dabaa

The Ministry of Electricity is preparing to hold a public rally to announce the details of the establishment of Dabaa nuclear power plant in cooperation with Russia. A source at the Ministry of Electricity said that Minister Mohamed Shaker will review the latest developments in the negotiations with Russia on the Dabaa nuclear power plant, the economic feasibility of the project, and the advantages of establishing a peaceful nuclear power station for energy production. Egypt signed an agreement with Russia to establish a nuclear power plant in Dabaa with a capacity of 4,800 MW at a price of $30bn. Russia will provide a governmental loan to Egypt worth $25bn. The commercial contract between Egypt and Russia to establish, supply, and operate the Dabaa plant includes four agreements: main establishment, fuel supply, technical support during operation, and establishing storage for consumer fuel.

Civilians striked again by the saudi aggression warplanes

Civilians are under attack by the saudi aggression warplanes in several governorates. Four rides were waged on Sa’ada district and two others on Kutaf district. Saudi aggression artillery also shelled al-Shiekh area in Sa’ada province. Two airstrikes were launched to Hodeida’s Airport and sea port while in Taiz province the warplanes hit al-Waza’eih district three times. Fighter jets launched 11 strikes in Hajja province, 5 airstrikes in Mareb province and four raids on Najran province.

al-Assiri ousted yemeni President Saleh

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Maj. Gen. al-Assiri in an interview with Russia’s Sputnik and RIA Novosti news agencies said that ousted yemeni President Saleh as a Yemeni citizen will be subjected to trial based on Yemeni law over the “criminal” coup in the country. The Arab coalition also said that all groups that supported the coup will be considered as one body that led Yemen to the destruction and hardship it is currently facing. Furthermore the Arab coalition added its support to the legitimate government.

Trump about the costs of the border wall

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President Trump, from his residence in Florida, has admitted that the calculations, made earlier by his staff during the election campaign and then his by Cabinet, about the costs of the border wall that he would like to build with Mexico have been wrong, the work should costing $ 21.6 billion against $ 12 billion, which is the amount that Trump had declared during the election campaign. The President did not give up and announces that it will treat the price, infact, seems quite sure to get a discount,lke he had do for the 90 F-35 jets fighter, Lockheed Martin in that case would make to the administration a discount of $ 600 million, which according to defense analysts is similar to that done to other countries.

Curfew imposed in 9 neighborhoods of Mardin (Turkey)

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A curfew was imposed in nine neighborhoods of Turkey’s southeastern Mardin province early Sunday, according to the regional governor’s office. Security forces will locate and destroy explosive devices planted by the PKK terror group in neighborhoods of the Nusaybin, Ömerli and Artuklu districts during the curfew, the office said in a statement. Shelters and ammunition depots of the terror group will also be targeted during the security operation. The governor’s office did not mention an exact date to when the curfew would end. Security forces carried out 905 operations in January against the PKK terrorist organization. A total of 1,463 suspects were detained in last month’s nationwide operations over charges of aiding PKK terrorist organization; 153 were remanded in custody.

Peruvian Parliament approved the suspension of benefits to Toledo

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Peruvian Parliament today approved the motion authorizing the suspension of benefits of right to former Presidents Alejandro Toledo, who is currently wanted by Interpol, which imputes the crime of aiding and money laundering, also, according to Peruvian judiciary Toledo would have pocketed a bribe of 20 million $ from the Odebrecht company to favor it in the procurement for the Inter-oceanic Route. the The bribe pocketed by Toledo would be placed on an offshore accounts linked to the entrepreneur and friend of Toledo Josef Maiman.

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