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Libya refused international requests to strike migrant smuggling militias.

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Mohamed Siala, Deputy Foreign Minister of the GNA (Government  of National Accord-Tripoli), has admitted that Libya had received ‘‘international requests’’ to carry out ‘‘military strikes within Libya against militias’’ engaged in smuggling illegal migrants. Indeed, the country is corrupt by a lot of oil smuggler, whose have an impact on Libyan economy. Siala insisted that Libya ‘‘would not be Europe’s policeman”. Europe had “to accept its responsibilities. Libya must not defend Europe’s borders’’. He also suggested that Europe, rather than Libya, should pay for the proposed sophisticated electronic southern border security system. Its a clear message to Europe, which try to use Libya as a shed to protect itself from migrations waves.


Commission welcomes Europol's new mandate and cooperation agreement with Denmark.

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Following today’s signing, the co-operation mandate between Europol and Denmark will enter into force on 1 May. The Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos and Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King declared that the solution agreed with Denmark is a tailor-made arrangement allowing for a sufficient level of cooperation, including the exchange of operational data and the deployment of liaison officers. Being fully in line with European data protection rules, Denmark will have a unique status which will allow for much closer ties with Europol without amounting to full membership. The fight against cross-border and organised crime and terrorism has been one of the highest priorities of this Commission. Both the new Regulation as well as the agreement with Denmark demonstrate the Commission’s commitment to tackling these challenges in the most pragmatic and effective way possible to ensure the security of all European citizens.


IMF’s delegation to visit Cairo on Sunday.

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A delegation from the International Monetary Fund is to visit Egypt on Sunday, according to a press statement issued on Saturday by the Ministry of Finance. IMF’s delegation will evaluate the progress of achieved by the Cairo in the application of the second tranche of IMF loan, $12bn, for Egypt. Minister of Finance Amr El-Garhy said that the delegation would evaluate the plans Egypt has made to achieve the targeted GDP growth and the efforts to reduce the gap of budget and trade deficits. Egypt control of public debt and inflation will also be at the centre of discussions. Mains Egypt objectives are  reducing the governmental debt to 90% of the GDP and also reducing the deficit to 3.5% of the GDP by FY 2018/2019.


Armed forces, over 30,000 policemen secure the Pope’s visit to Egypt .

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High security for official Pope’s two-days visit to Egypt. After attacks against Coptic community in North Sinai, and especially attacks of Palm Sunday, and the application of the state of emergency Pope’s visit had been placed under high security. Egypt’s armed forces and over 30,000 policemen participate in securing Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt upon orders of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, security sources told al-Masry al-Youm.The Interior Ministry has stationed combat teams, rapid deployment units, bomb squads and hundreds of officers and traffic personnel on the streets and squares of Cairo to secure the route of the Pope’s motorcade.


The UN Deputy secretary general praises Yemen aid Conference pledges

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Al Arabiya’s Talal al-Haj had an interview with the UN Deputy Secretary General, Amina J. Mohammed, who has praised to entire international community to bring a significative help and support to solve the biggest humanitarian crisis in the Middle-Area. Indeed, apart from Syria, Libya and Iraq, in Yemen, as the General Secretary of UN reported, Antonio Guteress “we are witnessing the starving and clipping of an entire generation”. The UN Deputy General Secretary has reminded all States in the international community to give their supports, as they should have done during the Yemen Aid Conference. In addition to this dramatic situation, yemeni people have concluded their “march for bread”, which lasted the entire week, starting from Sana’a Capital to Hudaydah Port, in order to make declare this port as humanitarian area and to allow supplies and aid assistances to be able at arriving and being spread out to needy people.

Saudi Arabia has started a process of recruitment due to the elaboration of oil

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Due to the elaboration of oil, Saudi Arabia has started a process of recruitment, which involves people coming from all closer and neighboring countries. At first, this recruitment process was supported by the necessity of finding experts and people, who wanted to work on the refining and extracting oil. Problems between recruiter and workers were rare, but once the system of recruitment got illegal and an illecite, it began to appear more problems, because recruiters tried to get more profits through this activity of recruitment, without giving them any guarantees. At first people tried to run away from these jobs, in order to find other better-paid. In the past, who got a recruiter visa went to States, where it was sure to find workers and recruited them. The government, nowadays, has made this process more complicated, establishing the institution of Selection Committees, which are able to find workers on the basis of their qualification and education.

Libya’s press and media are among the world’s least free.

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Reporters without Borders, has declassified Libya in its annual report. In its annual report released yesterday, the French watchdog put Libya 163 of the 180 countries it surveyed. It noted that since the Revolution in 2011, more than 50 journalists had fled into exile after colleagues had been murdered, kidnapped or beaten up. Moreover, the climate of repression is worsening. Libya’s ranking was one slot down over last year. The organisation accused Libya to be a theatre for kidnapping and execution of journalists, but also of psychological pressure on them. Reporters Without Borders, asks international community to take in consideration the statue of these journalists to protect them.


Fenianos holds talks with French Ambassador.

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Minister of Public Works, Yusuf Fenianos, received on Thursday French Ambassador to Lebanon, Emmanuel Bonne. Discussions focused on the current political environment. Minister Fenianos also met with Brazil’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Georges Geraldo Kadri. They discussed the latest developments and bilateral relations between the two countries. In addition, Minister Fenianos received the head of the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers (CGTL), Bechara Asmar, and the secretary general of Beirut Port Workers’ Union, Khalil Zeaiter. The pair discussed the best means to reactivate the role of the Port.

Politics Rahi welcomes Central African official.

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Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi welcomed, at Bkerki on Friday, Central African MP Guy Roger Moskit, accompanied by Central Africa’s Consul in Lebanon Camille Fenianos. Talks reportedly touched on an array of affairs of common interest between the two countries. “The meeting was very rich. We discussed the situation in Central Africa Republic, which is very similar to that in Lebanon. Our country suffered a lot from the civil war, which they called sectarian; but it was political just like Lebanon war. But today we are living in peace and stability,” the visiting official told reporters following the meeting. “The situation in Syria is concerning the entire world. And we have heard the Patriarch’s view”.


Israeli Patriot missile downs Syrian drone over Golan heights.

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An Israeli Patriot missile shot down a Syrian drone over the Golan. The incident took place in the early evening hours and according to military officials, the drone was most likely on a surveillance mission against Syrian rebels based near the border and breached Israel’s airspace accidentally. Another defense official told that the incident was not necessarily linked to the fact that in the early hours of Thursday morning Israeli fighter jets struck a weapons supply depot operated by Hezbollah near Damascus International Airport. The strike targeted Iranian weapons shipped into Syria via commercial and military cargo planes. In comments in an interview with Venezuelan television carried by the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency, Assad said Israel was supporting terrorists with military strikes in Syria, but made no direct mention of Thursday’s incident. He further said his government was in talks with Russia to purchase the “most advanced” anti-missile defense system “that will counter the American and Israeli threats. It’s only natural we should have such systems.”. Given the history of the Israeli regime, we see that they had [pursued] nothing but war and bloodshed. Therefore, this regime must be completely disarmed. “And only after this regime would be completely eliminated, we can restore security and peace”, he said.


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