King Salman's visit to Asian countries say experts it will carry investments useful to achieve Saudi Vision 2030

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Many experts expressed their opinion about King Salman’s visit to asian countries saying that it will carry investments useful to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 and will strengthen relations with the East Asian countries, which will let the Kingdom benefits of trade locations. For the board chairman of the Eastern Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Al-Otaishan the visit and the openness to these countries will permit the Kingdom to diversify income sources and attract new expertise. The view of the businessmen is that the openness is the feature of the modern era and is key to gain new additions from countries like these which have accomplished a lot in terms of economic growth. Moreover Abdulbari Al-Nuwaihi, professor of economics at Prince Sultan Management College at Al-Faisal University in Jeddah, affrimed that the visit will increase political, milotary and economic cooperation between the Kingdom and these countries beside allow openness to new markets.

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